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Starting a Business – Do What You Love

One of the mistakes that I see people make when they decide to start their own business is that they just do what they have always done. What I mean by that is that they take what they have done working for someone else and go into business for themselves. Now, when I say this is a mistake what I really mean is that doing this without proper thought is a mistake. Starting a business means some hard work.

Quite a lot of people start businesses alongside their day job, this is a great idea because it gives you a chance to get the business up and running and overcome some of the obstacles before it becomes your main source of income. If you are going to do that then you will definitely be putting in some time and effort. I started my first business while I was working full time and it was a lot of effort. And that’s why it’s important that you start your business doing something that you genuinely enjoy doing. I don’t mean something that you’ve done for years, you’ve managed to do well at, and you don’t mind doing. I mean something that you feel genuinely passionate about. Something that makes you feel happy when you do it. The reason for this is simple.

It’s much easier to motivate yourself to put in the extra effort, to overcome the obstacles, to spend the evenings or weekends getting the business off the ground, if it doesn’t feel like work. And if you love doing it then it doesn’t feel like work, does it?

This is the reason why so many people who start really successful businesses do it with something that they already do as a hobby. I once read an article by the writer Stephen King in which he said that he doesn’t write for the money. He writes because he loves telling the story. He also said that, even if he never got paid for writing again, he would carry on doing it. I think that’s a great test.

Think about what you are planning to do for your business. If you had all of the money that you needed, and never needed to earn anything ever again, and if nobody was going to pay you for it Would you still want to do it? If you can answer yes you have a true passion and love and you will be strongly motivated to succeed. If not, then ask yourself if you need to think about doing something else. Look at your hobbies and pastimes. Look at previous careers.

Consider things you enjoyed doing when you were younger, perhaps even in your school days. Consider the things that you have always wanted to do but have never got around to. What is it that you feel you would do if you were completely free of any money constraints? What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail? What would you do as a hobby if you were a multi-millionaire? Do that now. Grab a piece of paper and answer those questions. Now have a look at the answers… What do they tell you? If you can do what you love, and get paid for it, you will never have to ‘work’ another day in your life.

To your future success…